Kit Kat Cookie Bars and Snicker Doodle Cupcakes

So an email went around work this week asking for people to bake something for a Princess Alice Hospice charity bake sale and my thought process went a little like this…

“This is my perfect chance to give something back to the world, contribute to charity and help make someone’s life a little bit easier.” 

“Yesss!! This will be great for the blog and I don’t have to get fat because I’m giving it away!”

The only question was what to bake. My great Oatmeal Cookies? Meh. I’ll do that another time. Chocolate Chip Cookies? Classic but not what I’m looking for. Lemon Drizzle Cake? Good but boring. Nothing was inspiring me. I was having a bake sale brain fart.

So I fired up the old Internet and scrolled for inspiration. I didn’t find any. So I decided to steal a couple recipes instead.

Today I pay omage to a couple of my favourite blogs.

Sweet Pea’s Kitchen has the most amazing recipes for snacks EVER. Great photos make you want to bake everything. It’s where I got the recipe for these Kit Kat Cookie Bars.

I did try to style my photos after sweet pea's for a comparison, but there is none. Not to mention the loss of natural light and the fact that I use my phone to take pictures. They did actually come out really nice and yummy. Click on the link above to see better pics of how they look when finished.

My second recipe was from How Sweet It Is. Mrs How Sweet also has better photos than I do (But I’m working on it. That’s why it’s called Amateur Kitchen), great recipes, and she is HILARIOUS! Anyone who talks about food and can make me laugh is a winner in my book.

Anyway, I stole her recipe for Snicker Doodle Cupcakes. People, there is a COOKIE in the BOTTOM of the cupcake! Brilliant! Stroke of Genius! Go make them now!

So mine came out quite yummy. And this photo is a bit better with the natural light of my front yard shining in. Still no where near as good as Mrs How Sweet. (I'll get there my pretty!)


So if you haven’t been to either of these blogs yet, WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING ON MINE?! Go now.. before your eyes glaze over from my mediocre photography skills. These blogs can change your cooking life! Get ready to get down on your knees and hail their greatness!

Oh and p.s. I got a bit jealous that I wasn’t able to taste these amazing bits of heaven because they were all going to charity. So I figured charity could go halves with me. Kit Kat Bars went to charity and cupcakes went to me. So not only am I a mediocre photographer, I fail in the fatness factor too. Great…

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